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    We are one of the leading education companies in the market offering an interchangeable system based on a long and short term programs in all professional areas at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
    Our study plans are implemented through:

    Study Tours, Study Abroad Programs, Internships, Summer Programs, One- Semester Programs, LSP (Language for Specific Purposes) Programs , Educational Logistics and International Cultural Programs; and comply with the high standards of various universities, associations and institutions worldwide.
    We see our company as a part of education, professional and business sector, oriented to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to become a leading company in the international market with subsidiaries in different countries , creating alliances and international agreements, providing various services supported by our experience and reliability of the systems and methods applied in our multidisciplinary programs.
    Responsibility to clients: Offering services according to our clients’ requirements and specifications, meeting agreed deadlines.
    Initiative: Facing new challenges to facilitate and give solutions to the most complex requirements of our clients.
    Measured through client satisfaction in terms of services.
    Guarantee: Our services.
    Effectiveness: Anticipating the problems and offering fast and effective solutions for all kinds of obstacles.
    Teamwork: Promoting a team motivated by humanity,honesty and mutual respect, interested in innovative and proactive work and oriented towards ccomplishing the companys goals.



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