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    Business CONSULTING

    Nowadays, the reality of the business world is full of challenges and constantly changing challenges. We provide knowledge, experience and tools necessary to help you achieve the most demanding goals.
    We feel responsible for the smooth running of your business. Therefore, for the field of business , we designed an innovative permanent assistance program, involving our entire organization, providing solutions and support  for the day to day decisions making  .
    BAC is a company engaged to management consultancy, we have a clear mission: to implement excellence to our customers through innovation, experience and commitment. We perform consulting projects and programs for different areas of specialized expertise in ​​business development from entrepreneurs to large-scale businesses.
    We consider ourselves as an alternative to traditional business consulting firms because of comprehensive approach to the problems of each of the companies we work with, encompassing the domain of management best practices and new technologies applied to business.
    Our business vision
    Our team works closely with senior management and Chief Officers  of the business, engaged to the analysis and resolution of tricky situations for the company, from an unbiased and professional perspective , with a full dedication of our entire organization.
    Services in the area of ​​business development:
    • Strategy and business plans
    • Business Development
    • Branding
    • Opening of new business worldwide, Internationalization.
    • Sales
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Continuous Process Improvement
    • Optimization of production and logistics
    • Information Technology applied to business
    • Internet and new technologies
    Our values ​​
    We work with our customers on each of the key aspects for achieving success: 
    Organic growth
    Information management
    Business development
    Brand positioning and management of financial resources among others.
    Our quality standard is the highest: exceed  the expectations of our customers drilling down  to the smallest detail "because small details make the difference."
    The best way to measure our effectiveness is to engage ourselves with customer commitments and fulfill them in their entirety, by tracking the overall operation of the company and recommending future actions.
    Bringing benefits to customer determine our performance. For that reason , we share the risks of implementation of the projects.


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