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    BAC in Company applies systems of Progressive Education 
    Welcome to BAC! BAC offers different training programs exclusively designed for corporation, fitting the company’s needs in terms of updating and training their team of collaborators. We begin with a joint endeavor with the University that provides BAC support or the selected experts we will work with and the requesting company, first defining the needs of the company to adjust the proposal and then implement it.
    Progressive Education is a key element in the generation and management of knowledge, allowing organizations to become more competitive through this path. Being aware of that, our major challenge is to go beyond training for individual or organizational development and to achieve a development with impact on the social, economic and productive systems. Our challenge is then to structure continuing education programmes that can create value, built around three main axis: quality, innovation and social responsibility.

     Types of Training

    Educational activities are directed to individuals or businesses through face-to-face programs or business training to attend our clients’ specific needs in terms of training, education and improvement of their teams and management processes. 
    Areas of Non-Conventional Training
    BAC also offers training in unconventional areas. These are customized for companies working in complex environments, such as in the following industries:

    .: Entertainment
    .: Regional Culture
    .: Nuclear Sciences
    .: Forefront and Precision Technology
    .: Biotechnology
    .: Artificial Intelligence 
    .: High Complexity Medicine
    .: Risk and Security Services
    .: Aerospace
    .: Others

    Responding to market needs and in-tune with multinational companies, our courses can be held in any country and any language, adapting to the different areas of knowledge, with the goal of fulfilling the specific requirements of high-end professional training.


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